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  • 3800 Camaro Build So the day had finally come that the 3.8L Camaro needed to be retired. I’m not entirely out of the game, I’ve picked up a 2002 LS1 Camaro that I am currently building to take the fastest Canadian N/A all motor record for bolt on LS1 F-bodies.
Turbo's Turbo's Who's got the Turbo. This page is a work in progress but this is what I have so far. It will give you some basic info that you may not have found on other pages. Well if you are looking for turbo's and turbo info you have came to the right place.

CAMARO FIREBIRD 3.8L 3800 T4 HOT PARTS TURBO TURBOCHARGER KIT 750HP 93-02 F-BODY. AU $1,412.21. Free shipping. Popular .

Aug 24, 2013 · I talked to a few people and looking at prices I decided to move to the 3800 Series II engine with a turbo. All in, I should be at $1,500 and that should net me 350-400 rwhp. That includes a new, to me, transmission, complete L36 w/ turbo setup, L67 long block and all of the misc stuff to stuff it into my car.
  • - Microtech LT10s with loom to suit and basic turbo tune - L67 Diamond Forged and Moly coated pistons, (8.0:1 comp, .020" oversized) - L32 Hot Forged connecting rods - ARP Head stud kit - ARP Main stud kit - ARP Connecting rod bolts to suit L32 rods - Rollmaster double row timing chain - 80lb Siemens Deka injectors - 3800 oil pressure kit
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  • Aug 24, 2000 · I looked at this type of installation quite a bit but gave up on the plumbing. About the only thing from the rwd turbo cars that could be used is the turbo itself and the intercooler possibly. The intake itself will not fit on the 3800 engines as they are constructed differently than the pre-1988 3.8 liter engines.

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    There are many 3800 NA cars in the W-bosy world running around with that turbo kit. You can only push so much boost with the NA motor before something goes in it. I was going to buy a ZZP turbo kit for a build but after looking at it closely, the kit would not work as they sold it.

    Buy Buick Park Avenue Electric Supercharger Bolt-On Kit Buick Park Avenue cars introduced after Buick Electra are very reliable because of their durable Buick engine 3800 V6 engine and 4T60-E transmission. there is no easy way to carry out an upgrade and still maintain its strength and engine power without incorporating Buick park avenue supercharging kits which are specially made to simply ...

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    Choose single or dual turbo kits from diesel performance leaders like Banks Power and BD Diesel. Plus, we have high-boost kits for Honda applications, too! Our turbo kits are engineered to deliver up to 18 psi of boost, provide outstanding low-end torque with minimal spool-up time, and can support in excess of 600 horsepower depending on the kit.

    The perfect manicure kit for travel. 2 styles, one for natural nails, one for artificial nails. The kit includes one each: 4-way buffer, plastic nail brush, plastic cuticle pusher, manicure stick, nail brush and 1 nail file (180/400 grit for natural nail kit, 100/180 grit for artificial nail kit).

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    ( NOT38 ) 4.2-4.3L. hey guys i wanna stroke my vn, any one know of any good kits or who can do it, ive contacted C.O.M.E racing and they want 6gz mind u i want the whole deal pistons cam rods basically a purpose built bottom end, the car is already supercharged and the heads are fully worked, jus need the bottom end to complete car cheers on Jul 14 2008, 11:36 PM within the Local Chat category.

    Mazda Van with a Turbo V6 This Mazda E2000 van was built by RMV Racing in Mount Druitt, New South Wales, Australia. The van came from Mazda with a 2.0 L inline-four but was replaced with a 3.8 L 3800 V6 from a Holden Commod…

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    Supercharger Kits (44) Agriculture Pumps (3) Automotive Lubricants (12) Ceramic and Powder Coating (8) Fuel and Timing Controls (1) HPS Silicone Hose, Couplers, and Clamps (10) Intercooler Pumps (2) Plastic Repair (1) Promotional Items (3)

    Holden V6 3.8lt Big Bore Kit. R.P.E can modify your 3.8lt V6 Commodore with a 4.2lt Big Bore Kit. We have developed this unique big bore kit with our skills in engine machining, tool making and technical knowledge on building performance engines by using readily available parts and manufacturing our own parts to produce this unique and affordable engine.

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    See our Intake manifolds - Buick. Edelbrock is the most respected name in performance. Since 1938, Edelbrock has manufactured its core products in the USA for quality & performance.

    1997 and Newer LSx including Pontiac G8 & 2010 Camaro SS, LT4, 1989 Turbo Trans Am, Supercharged 3800 Series II, Ecotec 4 cylinder 2015 and Newer LTx, including LT1 and LT4 Price: $39.99

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    Transmission Overhaul Kit (A-727) 182.00 Race Transmission Overhaul Kits Recommended for strip use only. Aggressive Kevlar-lined front drum flex band (steel drum only) and Raybestos blue plate special racing front and rear clutch plates distinguish these from general performance overhaul kits. P5007171 Race Transmission Overhaul Kit (A-727) 324.00

    '95 3800 V6 turbo/intercooled fiero cradle setup email me for all pics/details! drop in ready! make your kitcar a monster! Engine •FRESHLY rebuilt 95 GM 3.8L V6 (originally supercharged motor •ONLY 7,000 KM (4200 miles) since engine rebuild (rebuild completed June 2005) •Performance camshaft from Comp Cams USA Inc. (custom ground)

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    Jan 25, 2015 · Amazing street turbo. Instant spool, good power. Able to make a lot of boost on a stock engine. Loved it. My 500$ parts car (with TD turbo kit) with small slicks went 11.0 @ 126mph with it with weight reduction. My heavier daily driver 2007 GP GT went 12.0 @ 117 mph at lower boost on the pump gas tune.

    TA’s V6 Stage 1 Street Eliminator (SE) series head is our high performance head. Versions of this head with heavy porting have made 1500 hp on a 274 inch twin turbo application. Use this head for serious street/strip and race applications where the most power potential is desired. Intake Manifold: TA, Stock, BGC Port Matched

The HKS Turbo Kit for the 2017+ Toyota 86, 2013+ Subaru BRZ, & 2013-2016 Scion FR-S was designed and engineered to add a significant power bump to the ZN6/ZC6 chassis. It is a 100% bolt-on kit shown to provide ~350 hp with a stock FA20. The kit can be used on it's own, or paired with other upgrades for more power (built motor tested to ~450 hp).
Sleeved K-Series Block Includes K20 or K24 block, K20, or K24 Crank, KMOD DPS(CSS), Darton, or LA Sleeves Installed & Decked. Does not include Bore or Hone Unless specified. We will need to know which pistons will be used in order to properly bore & hone this block. ***KMOD DPS **(CSS) The Cylinder Supp
The small end of the conrod needs to be resized to suit the gudgeon pin except for the kit with H-beam conrods and 0.040" oversize forged pistons. For flexibility, the assembly is not balanced so it can suit either Ecotec L36 or L67 Supercharged 3.8L engines with your own harmonic balancer and flywheel/flexplate.
hey guys i am looking for advice on the area concerning an ecotec v6 twin turbo kit, my question is will the manifolds fit on a 3800 v6 or will i have to find another manifld to suit? Nov 2, 2010